Crawford Construction Co. Inc. Overview

Company Overview

The Crawford Family


Jim Crawford Construction Co., Inc. has been a family owned and operated business in Clovis since 1980. Jim Crawford Construction Co., Inc. history of team effort began back when Jim Crawford, Sr. started Crawford Construction twenty-seven years ago. During the past twenty-seven years Jim Crawford Construction Co Inc. has managed to satisfy a wide range of clients including General Contracting Firms, Developers and Corporations.

Jim Crawford Construction Co., Inc. has also satisfied the needs of Governmental agencies including School Districts, Cities, Counties, as well as state and federal agencies. Though well known throughout Central California and the surrounding communities, Jim Crawford Construction Co Inc. client base encompasses a wide geographical range from north of Sacramento to south of Los Angeles and as far west as the coast.

The Crawford philosophy is simple and down to earth:“Treat people the way you would like to be treated, provide the best quality workmanship you possibly can and always leave your clients feeling they received more than they bargained for.” Jim Crawford Construction Co Inc. understands that huge earth movers and avast array of expensive machinery are important, but would be meaningless without the skilled professionals who operate them.

They are dedicated, talented individuals who work as a team to complete each task as efficiently and accurately as possible. For twenty-seven years, Jim Crawford Construction Co., Inc., with its family of employees, has been working hard to keep costs low for their clients without sacrificing quality on projects.